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unser starker earl grey tee


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great taste 2 star 2015
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Gefällt dir dein morgendlicher Earl Grey auch so gut, weil er dir zu mehr Schwung und Elan für den Tag verhilft? Hier haben wir den Richtigen für dich. Um dem Tee eine starke Basis zu geben, vermischten wir kräftigen Assam und Ruanda Tee mit dem geschmackvollem Ceylon und Darjeeling, ergänzt wird das Ganze noch mit der spritzigen Bergamotte.

Das meint Louise, die Teeverkosterin

Wie schmeckt es?

Starker Schwarztee mit feinem Darjeeling und ausgefallenen Bergamottaroma. Ein Earl Grey, der es in sich hat!

Perfekt, wenn du dich so fühlst

Wenn du einen ordentlichen Energieschub brauchst!

So mögen wir´s

Trink ihn mit einer Scheibe Zitrone, keine Milch und keinen Zucker - so mögen wir ihn, aber jeder wie er mag.


  • 1 Tee Tempel pro Person. Mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen.
  • Loser Tee: 2 gehäufte Teelöffel pro Person. Mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen.

Ganze Blätter benötigen etwas mehr Zeit zum Ziehen, aber das Warten lohnt sich!


Gut zu wissen

great taste 2 star 2015
  • Kochendes Wasser
    Kochendes Wasser
  • Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
    Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
  • Kalorien 1
    1 calories per cup
  • Schwarzer Tee aus Assam
    Schwarzer Tee aus Assam
  • Was ist drin?

    Schwarzer Tee (98%), Kornblumen, natürliches Bergamottaroma mit anderen natürlichen Aromen, natürliches Zitronenaroma

  • Nährstoffgehalt pro 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • 0 zucker
    • 0 fett
    • spuren kohlenhydrate
  • Allergene

    Milchfrei, glutenfrei, geeignet für Vegetarier und Veganer. Hergestellt in einer Fabrik, in der auch Nüsse verarbeitet werden.


* * * * * (22)

Best Earl Grey ever

* * * * * by Anne Cathrine Bjørhall • 25th August 2017

“I became a tea lover when I discovered Teapigs. I was never much into tea before, but after tasting this one and Darjeeling Earl Grey, I drink tea all the time.

Lucky for me they have a webshop, as buying Teapigs in Norway leaves a big hole in your purse, 50 teabags of Earl Grey Strong cost £26(!) It was worth it, but I am happy for the possibility to pay less, and drink more ;)”

New addiction

* * * * * by Karen Will • 25th January 2015

“After years of wrinkling my nose and making gagging sounds if a client asked for Earl Grey I decided to bite the bullet and actually taste it....
OOFT! This tea is my new favourite. I drink mine with milk and love the gentle kick of the bergamot. I could seriously drink this all day (I usually drink al least 10 cups of tea a day) so good. Thumbs up x”

I'm converted.

* * * * * by Chris • 1st January 1970

“Having drank the brand with the monkey for the last 20+ years, I thought I'd try some 'real tea' after a recommendation. The difference between whole leaf & the 'left overs' is night & day. Teapigs will now be my go to place to order my tea from.

This tea has all the flavour I've always hoped to find, but not on the high street. Left for 5 mins stewing away, the flavour will convert any regular drinker to 'real' tea.”

Breakfast Treat

* * * * * by Julie Witts • 29th May 2014

“Lovely strong tea with a hint of bergamot - I can add a touch of milk to this so is perfect for breakfast.

A great addition to teapigs range.”


* * * * * by Melanie Coleman • 20th February 2014

“I always loved the Darjeeling earl grey but sometimes wanted something a bit string so would mix in some English Breakfast with it. Now there is no need, this tea is refreshing and lovely. With the oomph I need in a morning. Big loose leaf bags please!!”

At Last! Proper Earl Grey!

* * * * * by Angela • 1st March 2017

“I feel like Ive been in an Earl Grey wilderness since my usual brand changed their brew to a wishy washy brew of nothingness. Consequently, I think Ive tried just about every brand of Earl Grey out there. But none could get the balance of tea and bergamot correct: either the tea was too strong with little or no bergamot, or the tea was too weak and the bergamot too strong, leaving you with a feeling of just having eaten soap.

This is PERFECT: exactly the right balance between tea flavour and bergamot. I am so happy right now! Thank you Tea Pigs!”


* * * * * by Catherine • 29th January 2014

“I love this tea! Some other Earl Greys are too wishy washy - this has a clean crisp flavour which I love! My new favourite tea - delicious!”

Absolutely Wonderful

* * * * * by Peter Dabbs • 21st February 2015

“My wife has just said if I say "do you know, this tea is absolutely wonderful" she'll hit me - so I will say it here. This tea is absolutely wonderful!”

Nice Flavour

* * * * * by Paul • 23rd October 2017

“A very nice tea indeed”

This is Amazing!

* * * * * by chloe • 10th March 2016

“I'm drinking it right now, loose leaf, my god the flavours are amazing. If you love Earl Grey, this needs to go in your basket!”


* * * * * by Cat • 3rd December 2013

“Well I have never been a fan of Earl Grey as I found it too weak. When I saw your Earl Grey Strong I decided to give it a go! So glad I did! It is now a new favourite! I agree boxes of 50 is a must for this very tasty tea! I always used to love the smell of Earl Grey but the taste never matched it but now with your version it does! Thank you Teapigs!!!!!”


* * * * * by Ruth • 8th November 2013

“I have drunk Teapigs Earl Grey for a few years now, it's the best brand out of them all. However, I like a bit more strength in tea sometimes - along comes Earl Grey Strong. Thanks Teapigs, it's perfect but please can we have boxes of 50 ASAP! Delicious.”

Delightful find

* * * * * by Jacqueline • 21st May 2016

“I take my tea with a drop of milk, my husband has his with lemon. We discovered the Earl Grey Strong tea bags only recently, but have been very impressed with the flavour, and will purchase more. The only tea we drink is Earl Grey and, over many years, have tried various blends. This reminds us of a much favoured loose leaf variety - sadly, no longer available - we used to buy from our local Tea Room, which has closed.”

Tea - the only tea

* * * * * by Tanya • 12th January 2017

“Lovely. great flavour. Easy to enjoy black, with lemon or a touch of milk depending on mood. Such a gorgeous aroma”

My new favorite!

* * * * * by Tammy • 19th February 2014

“I agree with one of the previous reviews, this tea tastes as good as it smells and it smells AMAZING. Earl Grey has always been my favorite flavor of tea and Teapigs Earl Grey Strong is the best I've ever tasted. I'm so glad I tried it. :) I'm a huge fan!”

Tea pigs hits the mark again!

* * * * * by Oliver McLeod • 13th December 2017

“A beautiful and well balanced earl grey tea. The bergamot really comes through. Its an easy drinker but I really think its a perfect afternoon break tea.”

I prefer the original

* * * - - by Laura • 19th February 2014

“I love the original tea pigs tea but decided to try this new addition as the original takes some time to brew in the cup. I was slightly disappointed with this tea as it tastes too much like English breakfast tea. I will stay with the Darjeeling earl grey in the future.”

Ok black

* * * - - by Elizabeth brown • 14th January 2015

“This tea is ok black but still pretty weak if you like to drink your earl grey with milk.”

Nice but not what I was looking for...

* * - - - by Harriet • 14th July 2014

“Earl grey is my favourite tea and I like it to be really strong. I've never had a tea pigs earl grey before so I decided to try this one as it said it was strong. Unfortunately it's more strong with the regular black tea taste than the bergamot flavour that I wanted!! Even if I left the tea bag in for a while the bergamot flavour wasn't any stronger! It is nice just not what I wanted and will be trying the other earl grey tea when I've finished my box of 50!!! If you like your earl grey to taste more like English breakfast with a hint of bergamot then this is for you!”

Not as good as the original Teapig Earl Grey

* - - - - by John • 10th June 2017

“Used to buy the original ( non strong?) loose Earl Grey - really very good indeed. This is far too strong for me and others in the family. Not good. I’m still looking for a replacement and agree with your other customers that most other Brands are nowhere near the original Teapig product.”

Why the Change?

* - - - - by Jane • 8th May 2016

“I simply cannot understand why the previously Superb Earl Grey had to be changed? Earl Grey Strong: simply too Strong, too Black, too Heavy in flavour. Fine for some, but WHY DISCONTINUE a simply Fragrant, simply Fresh and simply Delicious EARL GREY? Another customer LOST!”

Reply from teapigs, 10th May 2016

"Hi Jane, Thanks for your review. The darjeeling earl grey has unfortunately been discontinued in the loose format but it is still available in the tea temples. Really sorry to disappoint you."

Just black tea

* - - - - by Zoe Von Pfefer • 31st July 2015

“I'm sorry but this is just English breakfast or any strong black tea. There is none of the awesome flavours associated to earl gray. Soooo disappointed!!!!!!!”

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