glastasse mit untersetzer

Klassisches Set bestehend aus Glastasse und Untertsetzer



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Teapigs sagt

Diese schlichte Glastasse mit passendem Untersetzer ist perfekt, um deinem teapigs Tee beim Ziehen zuzuschauen. Wir sind der Meinung, das ist ein Muss für jeden stylischen Teeliebhaber.


  • hitzeresistentes Glas
  • teapigs Logo auf dem Boden der Tasse
  • höhe 7cm
  • oberer Durchmesser 7cm
  • unterer Durchmesser 8cm
  • füllvolumen 200ml


* * * * * (23)

Oh so pretty!

* * * * * by Kelly Jones Rowlands • 17th July 2012

“What a lovely way to enjoy my wonderful/colourful Teapigs tea. This glass mug is so delicate, i get all girlie when drinking form it. Doesn't hold much though, and the teabags last so long, so I'm totally buying the matching teapot.”


* * * * * by Amy Ward • 3rd August 2012

“I love this cup and saucer, tea looks very pretty in it and size ensures that its brewed to perfection!!”

glass cup & saucer

* * * * * by • 29th August 2008

“I love it. Complements the glass tea pot perfectly. I am so pleased with them both. I have used herbal tea for a long time but never had such lovely things to use. It really does make a difference, they are something special & I'm glad I bought myself this present !”

Lisa Henderson

* * * * * by • 5th November 2009

“Oh how posh do i look slurping my tea from this lovely mug!! Very stylish indeed,i felt like the queen ;))”

Sturdier than it looks!

* * * * * by Jo • 8th March 2013

“This makes drinking Tea Pigs an even more wonderful experience! I was worried at first as it looks and feels very flimsy, but it's lasted well! In fact, my Matcha shot glass broke before this! I would certainly recommend this beautiful piece of teaware!”


* * * * * by • 13th December 2009

“Gorgeous little cup and saucer! Great with the tea strainer!”


* * * * * by Julie • 3rd April 2013

“This cup and saucer is absolutely lovely! Complement my wonderful teapots teas perfectly!
Thank you!”

Very Dainty

* * * * * by Laura • 19th February 2014

“My sister bought me two of these for Christmas. They are very classy. I keep them boxed for special occasions as they are delicate. Great for the weekends when you fancy a relaxing cup of tea when you sit and relax. I only use these cups with my teapigs teapot as they are small”

Glass Cup and Saucer

* * * * * by Sparky • 5th April 2014

“Thankfully I didn't read the reviews on this cup an saucer before I bought them.... I would have been put of by the negative reviews on the size of the cup. I received the item and I really love it... I measured the amount it holds against my favourite big mug and it almost holds the same as that. It is quite a fragile, delicate product but makes having a cuppa feel,like a treat.”

Receives a lot of compliments!

* * * * * by • 14th May 2010

“I use this glass cup and saucer at my work - I just think a cup of tea tastes better - good tea, anyway, when you can see it. Has received a lot of attention has this little cup, as it's very cute looking. It's the perfect size for a cup of tea too.”

glass cup and saucer

* * * * * by • 27th July 2010

“Love it ! Although very delicate - its just right to make my cup of green tea look and taste extra special - kind of posh if you like !?!?
Wish it was a little bigger , but then if it was I might be able to dip a biscuit in it and thats not what I should be doing !! I juts hope I dont break it . Might get another for when special frinds call round .”

elegance in a cup

* * * * * by • 18th September 2010

“its nice to watch the tea infuse and colour the water. pleasent to hold and maintains heat suprisingly well.”

WMF teacup and saucer

* * * * * by • 15th January 2011

“Arrived within 2 days via Royal Mail. Well packed amongst other bags of tea.

It is beautiful as depicted on the website. Contrary to other opinions, I found this the perfect size cup. It is 200mls - so the same size as your average mug. But 100x more elegant than a porcelain mug. The glass is appropriately thin - so it means that temperature fluctuations will not cause it to crack easily - or so I hope!

I do think it is a bit pricey... but if you are buying this little gem you are treating yourself to a decent vessel to enjoy your cuppa...”

So Dainty!

* * * * * by • 19th March 2011

“When I first saw the box which held my cup and saucer, I admit I was disappointed. On the picture the cup looked cheap and plasticated - well, I should have known better. Upon actually opening the product I was delighted with the cup, which is dainty and very chic. The saucer sits perfectly underneath; the only problem being of course when there is very hot tea within the cup, it makes it difficult not to get burned! However, I have not stopped using the cup for my teas since it arrived yesterday.

I think in future I will be buying the 6 set of this, as it is so stunning. Nicely done, teapigs :)”


* * * * * by • 25th March 2011

“I love cups, as much as I love tea. Different cups for different teas and different times of day. I bought this specifically so I could appreciate the vision of the tea brewing. I have used green tea so far, but looking forward to enjoying other plant teas :). I was concerned that it may remind me of 1970's type glass ware, which isn't the most attractive in my opinion but it fulfilled my expectations and looks extremely stylish and modern. Thank you teapigs. Cannot wait to purchase more.”

I love this cup

* * * * * by Esther • 18th October 2011

“At first I thought this cup looked a bit small but it is the perfect size to ensure that the flavour of the tea is not too weak. The teas look so pretty through the glass and I save this cup for my Teapigs teas for that reason. I always feel more indulgent when having a bit of 'me-time' when using this cup.”

glass cup & saucer

* * * * * by Coreen Hayes • 2nd December 2011

“I bought one to drink my lovely teapigs tea in at home. Then took it in to work to enjoy my teapigs tea there :) Everyone compliments me on it, raises a few smiles but then, they all think I'm a bit eccentric anyway. I have another one now for home.
I love the way the saucer has a little rim so you feel it's secure when carrying.”

Lovely to Drink From and Look At

* * * * - by Carine Appleby • 27th April 2017

“This cup and saucer is actually sturdier than I thought and can carry a decent amount of tea. Teapigs' loose leaf strainer fits nicely into the cup and can be carried by the handle without burning some fingers.
My only qualm is the saucer is a little thin on the bottom, so the whole thing is too hot to hold. Can still be carried, just a little delicately than I would have liked.”

Glass cup and saucer

* * * * - by Pam • 7th July 2019

“I usually drink my tea out of a china mug but this cup and saucer makes it so much nicer. I think I will have to have the tea pot next”


* * * - - by • 13th January 2010

“The cup and saucer arrived safely in one piece.

It is smaller and more delicate than i expected but it does stand up to a brew being made directly in it - i was worried that the water temperature would break it!”

Glass cup and saucer

* * * - - by • 30th January 2010

“Pretty but needs to be bigger by about 50% didn't really do it for me.”


* * * - - by Ruth • 20th June 2012

“The cup itself is really pretty, very delicate, but i am used to my bodem glass mug which is a lot thicker. Also, when i drink from it, i find i have to slurp my tea as the lip kind of goes inward. Still, i will continue to use it cause it looks lovely :)”

glass cup & saucer

* - - - - by liz campbell • 27th September 2012

“flimsy, small and very cheap in appearance - not worth the money! very disappointed, i will not be buying the glass teapot to match!”

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