Aufbewahrungsglas mit deinem Lieblingstee-Etikett

stylische Aufbewährungsgläser für deinen Tee



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Teapigs sagt

Du hast gefragt und wir geben es dir! Das sind die schönen und feinen Aufbewahrungsgläser, die du in unseren Cafés, Feinkostläden und Restaurants sehen wirst. Sie helfen dir, deine Tee Tempel schön und frisch zu halten und halten dein Küchenregal aufgeräumt. Hergestellt wurden sie aus widerstandsfähigem, leichtem Glas. Zudem haben sie einen qualitativ hochwertigen und luftdichten Holzdeckel. Ein "must have" für jeden teapigs Fan!

*Achtung, die Aufbewahrungsgläser werden ohne Tee geliefert


  • leichtes, widerstandsfähiges Glas
  • Glas spülmaschinenfest
  • luftdichter Holzdeckel mit Silikonabdichtung
  • höhe 18cm
  • breite 10,5cm
  • aufbewahrungsgläser werden ohne Tee geliefert


* * * * * (16)

Smart Jar

* * * * * by Brenda • 4th October 2013

“I already have two of these absolutely love them.they keep the tea fresh and look stylish on the counter top.”


* * * * * by Laura Loveday • 27th December 2013

“My sister bought me two of the storage jars for Christmas. They look fabulous and classy in the kitchen. LOVE THEM!”


* * * * * by Saira • 1st June 2014

“Excellent! air tight seal, looks great in the kitchen and easy to see when you need to buy more.”


* * * * * by Fabienne Loveder • 21st August 2014

“Great storage jars that keep my cupboard looking tidy.
For all other loose leaf lovers out there, these jars will hold approx 250g Rooibos, 100g Chamomile Flowers, 150g Lemongrass, 375g Tung Ting Oolong, and 200g Yerba Mate :)”


* * * * * by jane parker • 5th October 2014

“these are really nice quality; I signed up to get the two free ones with a subscription, & like them so much I have ordered more!”

great service

* * * * * by Alex • 29th December 2016

“I ordered one of these jars but teapigs made a innocent mistake by choosing the wrong sticker but I emailed them and they rectified the mistake easily and quick and sent me a label for darjeeling earl grey which I really wanted.

Thanks teapigs”


* * * * * by Mary • 21st January 2017

“Really tight seal on this jar. Will definitely get others for my teas. Only down side you can not stick label saying how to make tea. Some teas need two teaspoons where as the there 3.”

Glass jar

* * * * * by Vikki Brew • 21st March 2018

“Air tight seal. Perfect”

Snooze bundle

* * * * * by Emma Ferrarelli • 28th March 2018

“Lovely stylish jar that fits in nicely with my kitchen! Love snooze tea! Definitely helps me sleep and I recommend to all my friends!!!”

Lovely jars

* * * * * by Anita • 29th April 2018

“Lovely jars. They make a statement in the kitchen. Larger than I thought.”

Just the Job

* * * * * by Annie • 3rd February 2019

“Simple but stylish design, good quality materials. Just right for holding my Mao Feng Teapigs. I will be purchasing more for my other favourites!”

Glass Jar

* * * * * by Janine • 15th February 2019

“Lovely looking jar, nice quality great seal.”

Looks great

* * * * * by Emma • 20th February 2019

“Really pleased with the storage jar. Quality product & looks great in my kitchen.”

Good Jar, maybe not for tea??

* * * * - by Aimée Silver • 30th August 2019

“I have read a few reviews from people stating that tea pigs teabags loose their potency quite quickly. I believe this may because, like all tea, they should be kept in an air tight container. I personally have had no problems since doing so. However its fairly common knowledge that tea leaves are best kept in a dark jar, away from strong light sources and so I'm surprised tea pigs have provided a glass jar??

That said the jar is air tight and looks lovely.”

Nice but not sure about the finishing off

* * * - - by Mark Davis • 27th December 2018

“I love the look of these with a bamboo lid complete with extra flexible seal, I got it to hold the loose tea which it does perfectly. However, whilst it's listed as dishwasher safe some of the varnish started to peel off the lid just washing it in warm soapy water. I also expected the label to be painted on or inside the glass. It's actually just a label that looks like it can be peeled off so I'd be very reluctant to put it in the dishwasher or even put in warm water too often.”

Such thin glass

* - - - - by Ruth • 19th June 2019

“These jars look so lovely, but we've had three of them break after catching on kitchen counter. The glass is so thin that it shatters everywhere which not only makes a massive mess but also means all the tea inside has to be thrown away too! (We've switched to the teapigs tins now instead.)”

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