happy with lemon balm

uplifting tea


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great taste 2018 1 star
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  Rutschen, Heißluftballons, Drachen steigen lassen und Pandas - laut dem teapigs team sind all das Dinge, die uns glücklich machen. Falls du keinen Drachen oder Panda (!) hast, probiere diese aufheiternde Mischung mit Kurkuma, Apfel und Zitronenmelisse - geschichtlich dafür bekannt die Laune zu verbessern und Ängste zu reduzieren. Gut, wenn du etwas mürrisch bist.

Das meint Louise, die Teeverkosterin

Wie schmeckt es?

Zitronig, würzig und süß.

Perfekt, wenn du dich so fühlst

Glücklich, aber du dich noch glücklicher fühlen möchtest oder traurig, aber du möchtest dich glücklich fühlen.

So mögen wir´s

Heiß oder kalt, an einem hellen sonnigen Tag, begleitet mit einem albernen Tanz.

Einfach einen Tee Tempel mit kochendem Wasser aufgieβen und 3 Minuten ziehen lassen. Im Anschluss den Tee Tempel entfernen, das Glas mit kaltem Wasser auffüllen.


  • 1 Tee Tempel pro Person. Mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen.

Ganze Blätter benötigen etwas mehr Zeit zum Ziehen, aber das Warten lohnt sich!

Gut zu wissen

great taste 2018 1 star
  • Kochendes Wasser
    Kochendes Wasser
  • Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
    Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
  • koffeinfrei
  • Kalorien 1
    1 kalorien per tasse
  • Was ist drin?

    bio apfel, bio melisse, bio zimt, bio ingwer, bio kardamomsaat, bio süße brombeerblätter, bio kurkuma, bio orangenschale natürliches zitroenenaroma mit anderen natürlichen aroma, bio zitroenschale, bio gewürznelke, bio ringelblumenblüten, bio piment, natürliches aroma

  • Nährstoffgehalt pro 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • 0 zucker
    • 0 fett
    • spuren kohlenhydrate
  • Allergene

    milchfrei, glutenfrei, geeignet für Vegetarier und Veganer. Hergestellt in einer Fabrik, in der auch Nüsse verarbeitet werden


* * * * * (11)

Lovely tea

* * * * * by mary dyer • 15th April 2018

“Really lovely tea”

Lovely tea

* * * * * by Agata • 17th April 2018

“Superb tea! You can clearly taste ginger and orange peel.”


* * * * * by Hanna Thorpe • 18th April 2018

“Clean, refreshing, citrusy and positively mood boosting!! Love it!”

my new favourite tea!

* * * * * by Sam Coupe • 19th April 2018

“After exclusively drinking your Peppermint tea, I decided to try the new Happy Tea.

It is now my new favourite tea!

It's so lovely - it smells just like sherbet lemon sweets and tastes great.
And, it does make me HAPPY!

Thanks for all you do,”


* * * * * by R Scannell • 8th September 2018

“I really enjoy this tea after a hard day in work in bed with some Netflix. Really comforting yet not overpowering taste.”


* * * * * by Hannah • 20th October 2018

“This tea will soothe you and make you feel relaxed, calm and at peace”


* * * * * by Kay wintersgill • 24th January 2019

“Lovely tasting tea have it every morning the taste is amazing”

Uplifting loveliness!! In a cup :)

* * * * * by Katherine Beesley • 24th May 2019

“Instant fave! The Lemonbalm is punchy and fresh without being overbearing, delicious cold too! A lovely gentle lemon hint with warming ginger spices. Wakes my brain up in the afternoon and is also great for hyperthyroid (Get your GPs advice first) as it’s s balancing tea. I keep recommending this one. Thanks Teapigs :)”

Fresh and Yummy

* * * * * by TJ • 6th September 2019

“This is delicious refreshing tea. I have taken it to work and everyone loves it.”


* * * * * by Hazeydazey • 9th September 2019

“Lovely tea to start the day with. Refreshing and crisp. Happy tea. Happy me.”

this tea will cure all ailments

* * * * - by happy tea happy me • 2nd May 2019

“On the 16th May, 1978, I was a having an absolutely terrible day. I woke up late, and I had no milk left for my tea and no butter left for my toast. I left the house, and it was raining, and I had no umbrella because my local umbrella store had recently burnt down. As I made my way down the street - miserable and damp - I saw the bus that I wished to get on whizz past me without any plans of stopping at the bus stop. I sighed, resigning myself to the five mile walk that awaited me. The walk in the rain gave me blisters all over my feet, but I finally made it to work - only to find out I needn't have bothered, as they were letting me go due to budget cuts. With no job, I started the five mile walk back home. As I had had such an awful day, I thought I would treat myself to a cake from the bakers, but they were closed due to a measles outbreak. When I finally got home I was distraught to realise that I must have lost my key at some point and I couldn't get back in. I sat on my doorstep and cried all night long.

Flash forward to the 2nd of May, 2019 - I have tried this tea for the first time and I would do anything to go back in time and give myself this tea, because this tea would have made all my worries go away. It really is "happy" - it would have made my blisters feel like fluffy socks, the rain feel like a warm hug, and the redundancy feel like the Universe's Plan. However, I didn't have this tea, so the day sucked. 4/5.”

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