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Teapigs sagt

Du liebst peppermint über alles und kannst nie genug von ihr bekommen?! Dann ist dieser Mengenrabatt genau das Richtige für dich! 6 big packs entsprechen 300 Teepyramiden deines Lieblingstees. Auf diesen frechen Deal geben wir dir unglaubliche 10% Rabatt!


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6 x 50 Teepyramiden mit peppermint.


* * * * * (3)

Makes a very refreshing cup of tea

* * * * * by Tracy Turner • 16th December 2013

“At last a tea that actually does taste of peppermint - leaves a very pleasant minty aftertaste in the mouth - would recommend !”

Great for your tum!

* * * * * by Hayley Smith • 17th February 2014

“Teapigs peppermint tea is by far the best to help with symptoms of IBS, soothes my bloated tummy in minutes, and is really tasty! (and anything minty that's not toothpaste normally weirds me out). I have recommended to all my friends and they are as hooked as me! There will always be a box in my cupboard ^_^”

It does what it says on the box

* * * * * by Carol Flynn • 19th February 2014

“As I drink this tea anytime, I am sitting with a cup of peppermint tea waiting for it to cool down and the smell of mint is wafting over me, lovely. Great for the morning after the night before, especially if you leave the teabag in the cup. Enjoy :)”

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