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Grünkohl Smoothies, Weizengras, 'Avocado auf Toast' haben wir alles probiert… Jetzt kommt der reinigendste Grüntee aller Zeiten (unserer Meinung nach!). Eine tolle Kombination aus Grüntee, Zitronengras, Ingwer, Kokos und Löwenzahn, welche dir dabei hilft deinen Körper zu reinigen. Erfrischend und etwas süßlich schmeckt dieser Tee kalt und heiß. Reinigen, detoxen, dieser Tee schafft alles. Ommmm!

Das meint Louise, die Teeverkosterin

Wie schmeckt es?

Leicht, etwas süßlich, erfrischend.

Perfekt, wenn du dich so fühlst


So mögen wir´s

Heiß im Winter und auf Eis im Sommer.

Clean n green hilft dir mit seiner großartigen Kombination aus Grüntee, Zitronengras, Ingwer, Kokos und reinigenden Löwenzahnblättern, voller Antioxidantien, bei einem perfekten Start in den Tag.


  • 1 Tee Tempel pro Person. Mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen.

Ganze Blätter benötigen etwas mehr Zeit zum Ziehen, aber das Warten lohnt sich!

Gut zu wissen

  • Kochendes Wasser
    Kochendes Wasser
  • Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
    Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
  • Kalorien 1
    1 calories per cup
  • Was ist drin?

    zitronengras, Ingwer, Grüntee, Süßholzwurzel, Kokosstücke, Löwenzahnblätter, Zitronenschale, natürliche Aromen, Ringelblumenblüten

    *Hinweis: Wir weisen darauf hin, dass diese Teemischung nicht nach Australien oder Neuseeland versandt werden kann, da sie Zitronenschale enthält – und damit die Einfuhr in diese Länder nicht erlaubt ist*

  • Nährstoffgehalt pro 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • spuren zucker
    • 0 fett
    • 0 kohlenhydrate
  • Allergene

    milchfrei, glutenfrei, geeignet für Vegetarier und Veganer. Hergestellt in einer Fabrik, in der auch Nüsse verarbeitet werden


* * * * * (10)

Oh my god!!!

* * * * * by Eve • 3rd March 2017

“I had a box of these arrive today, along with the other new feel good teas, and these blow everything out of the park! I love my liquorice and peppermint ones, and never thought anything would replace them, but these are beautiful.

Teapigs, you have utterly excelled yourselves with this one - so much so that I've ordered another 10 boxes! Please hurry up and start producing them in boxes of 50 - I am a total convert and have talked half of my team into drinking them as well rather than the nasty Twinnings stuff that we get provided at work.

They smell divine, the moment you open the box they pack a punch, and they honestly do taste as good as they smell.

What with my team stealing them off of me and number I've drunk today, my box is almost depleted. I am going to have to ration myself until the next delivery arrives!!”


* * * * * by Nadia Dixon • 14th May 2017

“Got a sample bag, whilst buying Aesop products! What a fantastic blend.”

Smells great, tastes even better

* * * * * by Morgan M • 13th May 2017

“Had a sachet of this tea sent by teapigs with my previous order.

You could smell this tea through the packet, it was divine. Tasted great too and I instantly felt uplifted.

Will definitely be looking at ordering more of this in the future.”


* * * * * by Emily • 18th May 2017

“The. Best. Tea. Ever.
For anyone who turns their nose up at green tea, or for the green tea lovers; this tea is the bees knees.

The coconut adds the extra sweetness, and all of the other ingredients leave you feeling refreshed.
Ready to doze off after one cup- suuuper relaxing.
Thanks Teapigs!”


* * * * * by Ann • 18th May 2017

“I received a sample teabag with a stationery delivery yesterday.
What a surprise to open the box and discover the incredible smell! I have been inhaling it all and thought I couldn't bear to use it, it has the most uplifting smell.
But I just brewwed up now and it is just heavenly. I think the twist of coconut gives it something different to any other tea I've tried. Really recommended. So I am here purchasing some more as I have never come across such a lovely tea.”

best tea i have tasted ever

* * * * * by @gizemmtopuz, instagram • 1st June 2017

“the best tea i have tasted ever. i am so glad sourcebox met me with this beauty. I wanna buy a full box with filling this tea.”


* * * * * by Rachel Mott • 18th July 2017

“Well these are addictive! Nicest green tea I have ever tasted!”

fabulous soft and yummy tea!

* * * * * by Hanna • 4th August 2017

“I can drink this allll day..... it's a subtle mix of a number of fragrant herby things.”


* * * * * by DogDeluxe • 8th December 2017

“Clean and Green is the business. I don’t normally drink tea, but received a sample and I’m now hooked!”


* * * * - by siddhartha kansal • 27th May 2017

“loved it, great taste great smell. feel refreshed after drinking it”

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