jelly & ice cream tea

limited edition



limited edition
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Topfschlagen, Stopptanz und etwas gruselige Clowns - mit unserem nostalgischen Tee "Erdbeerwackelpudding und Eiscreme", kommen alte Erinnerungen an Kindergeburtstage hoch. Denen, die teapigs kennen, kommt diese Mischung vielleicht bekannt vor - nachdem wir Anfang diesen Jahres diese Sorte eingestellt hatten, konnten wir nicht mit der Aufruhe umgehen, daher ist sie nun zurück für Runde zwei. Hurra!

Das meint Louise, die Teeverkosterin

Wie schmeckt es?

Cremig mit einer fruchtigen Note.

Perfekt, wenn du dich so fühlst

In Partystimmung!

So mögen wir´s


Einfach einen Tee Tempel mit kochendem Wasser aufgieβen und 3 Minuten ziehen lassen. Entferne im Anschluss den Tee Tempel, fülle das Glas mit kaltem Wasser auf.


  • 1 Tee Tempel pro Person. Mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen.

Ganze Blätter benötigen etwas mehr Zeit zum Ziehen, aber das Warten lohnt sich!

Gut zu wissen

limited edition
  • Kochendes Wasser
    Kochendes Wasser
  • Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
    Mindestens 3 Minuten ziehen lassen
  • koffeinfrei
  • Kalorien 3
    3 calories per cup
  • Was ist drin?

    apfel, blaubeere, orangenschale, süßholzwurzel, säure zitronensäure, erdbeerstücke, natürliche aromen

  • Nährstoffgehalt pro 100 ml

    • 3 kcal
    • 0 zucker
    • 0 fett
    • spuren kohlenhydrate
  • Allergene

    milchfrei, glutenfrei, geeignet für Vegetarier und Veganer. Hergestellt in einer Fabrik, in der auch Nüsse verarbeitet werden


* * * * * (10)


* * * * * by Catherine Bannan • 7th November 2016

“The smell when you open the box is amazing, it really does smell like jelly and ice cream and it tastes amazing too

My only complaint is just buying one box as I need to order more already, this might just be my new favourite tea”

a masterpiece

* * * * * by Morgan M • 13th May 2017

“teapigs managed to create the pefect combination which both smells and tastes like jelly and ice cream, it's magical. Treat yourself to this,and you'll be amazed. It's only a shame that the product is limited edition :(”

Party in a cup!

* * * * * by Rachel Hammett • 7th November 2016

“Wow what a lovely surprise, this tea is creamy and fruity. Literally tastes like liquid jelly and ice cream!

I hope they continue this blend as its really yummy! :)”


* * * * * by mimi • 20th February 2017

“Ce thé est un D.E.L.I.C.E
une agréable surprise qui en plus est sans théine ! !!
Je suis Fan et je le conseille vivement aux gourmandes : du bonheur à boire.”


* * * * * by Anna • 17th July 2017

“My daughters love this so much! Brilliant!”

Love it!!

* * * * * by Cloe • 18th August 2017

“On first looks I was sceptical how it could tast like jelly and ice cream but after my first taste I was hooked!! Absolutely love this tea it's got such great flavours and didn't disappoint. Bang on the nose with flavours teapigs well done. X”

Bigger size please

* * * * * by Joy Sargent • 11th September 2017

“Loving the new tea. Nice balance of strawberry and vanilla. Not overpowering. Nice to sip throughout the day. Please Please consider making this a staple tea with bigger sizes.”

Scrummy taste

* * * * * by Sonia Crane • 5th November 2017

“I hope this becomes a regular product as it's my favourite and is miles ahead in flavour of other fruity type teas.”


* * * * * by Sally • 15th January 2018

“I absolutely love this tea. The buttery vanilla notes that shine through the fruits is sublime. Fantastic hot and cold (could I flavour gin with this tea?). When my taste buds are jaded and I want something different this is top of the list.”


* * * * - by Jenna Naylor • 15th November 2016

“The smell when you open the box... wow. I was so excited to try this tea! While I definitely get the jelly, I sadly only got a hint of ice cream when I and two friends tried the tea, we all agreed it needed more of the "ice cream" taste.

I've taken one star off for that reason, but even so it's a lovely cup of tea!”

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