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Teapigs sagt

Ihr habt gefragt und wir gaben es euch! Unsere wunderschöne kleine Box mit 12 Mini Tee-Paketen, die jeweils 2 Tee Tempel enthalten. Jetzt liegt es an dir, welche 12 Teesorten du wählst...

Ideal zum Ausprobieren für dich oder zum Verschenken an Freunde, die Tee lieben oder Verwandte.


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* * * * * by Rachael rachaelbyrne174 • 14th December 2012

“Bought one for myself and now the whole family are after them!
Great idea for a Christmas gift.”

Best thing EVER

* * * * * by Sophie Denman • 12th June 2013

“I love the selection boxes - everything looks great, very lovely packaging it almost seems a shame to open them! I love having the big selection box at my desk at work so I can flip between the many choices depending on my mood.
My favourite teas in a big selection, what more could you want? I love this idea!”

Amazing present

* * * * * by Chantal • 7th February 2013

“My little sister gave me a selection box for christmas - not only are the little boxes adorable, the concept of multiple mix box of tea is amazing! I can try all the different types, and smell each of them as well before I buy a big box.. I now crave the popcorn tea.... everyday.”

Great for sampling!

* * * * * by Julie Mason • 16th November 2013

“Love this mix and match set! It came in a cute white box like above and I love the packaging of the individual teas. Great way to sample them all, although the ones I ABSOLUTELY love I want more of now haha! Will definitely be buying this mixed box again because I like different tea's all the time.”

Love it!!

* * * * * by Nicola • 31st October 2013

“Got this as a gift from my husband for my birthday. Absolutely love it!! The box is so cute and it gave me the chance to try all the teapig teas I hadn't tried yet.”


* * * * * by Teaholica • 22nd May 2012

“After trying x1 free sample,I was very impressed with the flavour of the tea - it tastes so fresh - and I wanted to buy more. Mix and match is a great idea - I chose this route as there are so many Teapigs choices I wasn't sure where to start and didn't want to commit to buying a big box of temples without trying first.

My order arrived very quickly and was beautifully presented - so much so that it would make a lovely present. It's as per the picture on the site, but when it arrives, it actually looks even better.

I haven't started sampling yet but I shall this very afternoon!”

The Best Gift!

* * * * * by Katherine • 3rd January 2014

“I received this for Christmas and I think I'm in love! Wonderfully packaged and a great gift idea for any tea-lover. The sample packs of two teabags are adorable and a fantastic way to sample lots of different kinds - I can't wait to order more of my favourites! I also love that you can choose which teas you want included, making it that little bit more personal.”


* * * * * by Sophie A • 22nd January 2016

“Fab product - the individual mini boxes of teas inside the main box are just so cute!!! I was very impressed with the presentation of the teas.. And all the variety of tea you can mix and match to try out for yourself or buy as a gift is a brill idea..I'd definitely buy these again!! :)”


* * * * * by Faye Baker • 24th December 2015

“Brought as a Christmas present for my parents as they both love tea a LOT!! They havent opened it yet as its only Christmas eve, but it came on time, love all the little boxes that the tea is in! SO SO cute! Would definately recommend IT for a tea lover! So pleased with it! Thankyou x”

Awesomely Cute!!

* * * * * by Tasha • 20th February 2016

“Haven't tried them yet, but delivery was quick - ordered late Weds night and they arrived Sat morning. Opened it up to a lovely, clean white, branded box (which would be great if gifting). Then opened that up to see 12 teeny tiny little teapiglets. I ordered this as a gift to me from someone else, I was going to order some of the bigger ones, but thought this was a great way to try the different flavours. I had read some reviews from folk getting a standard or big box then finding out they don't like it. I can see me trying all the flavours this way...”

Great for sharing

* * * * * by Meg H • 19th February 2016

“My friends and I have a locker at college that we've filled with different teas and biscuits for when we have frees together. The pick n mix packs are great as we can each choose different blends to try. It's nice to be able to share the tea and the experience!”

Unusual present that was a hit!

* * * * * by Sarah Chapman • 29th December 2016

“I bought the teapigs pick n' mix packs as stocking fillers for my teen daughters and they're really pleased with them. The mini boxes look really cute and it's a great way to try out different teas before buying full size packs. It was nice being able to choose which teas were included, and they're swapping with each other as they discover their preferences. One's thinking of getting the same for a friend's birthday.”

Such a fab present!

* * * * * by Amy • 14th April 2017

“I got this for my vegan friend and she absolutely loved it!”


* * * * * by Louise Smith • 2nd June 2017

“These are such a lovely idea, they come in the cutest little boxes, which makes them perfect for a gift. Its exciting to get to try so many different flavours, I would highly recommend!”

Such a great idea

* * * * * by Joanna Joss • 16th November 2012

“I absolutely loved this idea. Have never ordered from Teapigs before and wasn't sure what I would like to try as so many of the teas sounded delicious. This box comes beautifully presented, the packaging is so cute, and would make a lovely gift for someone, or just for yourself!”

Choose me!

* * * * * by Julie • 21st November 2015

“Couldn't believe how cute the little boxes looked when I opened the main box, like lots of little faces saying 'choose me'. Seriously though, a great way to try the different teas before choosing favourites. Also would make a lovely gift for a tea lover - trying to think of family or friend who would appreciate a box.”

Love it!

* * * * * by Jayne • 6th August 2012

“My sister bought me a selection pack for Christmas & I've been telling everybody how great Teapigs are ever since :-)”

love it!

* * * * * by phoebe and beth • 12th September 2015

“we tried some and our favourites where super fruit and the chai tea. we recommend it!!”


* * * * * by Sarah Harvie • 7th October 2017

“A great way to try loads of flavours, the little boxes are so cute and it would make an amazing gift! Was also delivered quickly and safely. Absolutely love it, thanks Teapigs!”

So Cute!

* * * * * by Shannon Taylor • 16th February 2015

“Seriously, could these little boxes BE any cuter?! Super excited to give some new teas a go...and probably get addicted to all of them. I'm going to need more cupboard space, aren't I?”

Christmas treat

* * * * * by Melanie Jordan • 27th December 2013

“My daughter brought me a variety of these for my Christmas present. I was high delighted and didn't know on which one to sample first. The taste of the tea is very flavoursome, quite the refreshing cup of tea and a very delightful gift.”

Love it!

* * * * * by Freya • 23rd January 2015

“Just bought this in an attempt to be more adventurous with tea, love it! It would be nice if you also did larger pick 'n' mix packs, with 5-10 tea temples in each :)”

Love this

* * * * * by Cally • 14th November 2013

“Can I just say how much I love this. I got the sample box for my boyfriend for Christmas and I've opened it myself. It is the prefect Christmas present for tea lovers and I adore the packaging”

Love love love!!

* * * * * by Jode • 3rd December 2014

“My boyfriend got a set of tea pigs not so long ago and he is looking to try more.. Thought it would be a good gift for him :) delivery was brilliant.. Packaging is spot on! Can't wait to give it him for Christmas :)”

Mix + Match

* * * * * by Caroline Crick • 17th September 2013

“This is such a good idea. Gifts for hubby + daughters last Christmas were so well received that I am buying them again but just because ...(not for christmas!). Packaging is lovely - really upmarket!”

Neat idea!

* * * * * by Jasmine • 23rd November 2014

“My friend loved this when I gave it to her for her birthday! And it certainly stirred up some conversation at her birthday with all of our friends commenting on what an amazing present it was. Highly recommend this as a gift, it's super thoughtful and fun :)”

Fab idea

* * * * * by Michelle Russ • 2nd March 2013

“I bought this as a gift myself and love how good they are and how cute. They are amazing quality and all the ones I have tried so far are sooo good!”

Fell in love with these..

* * * * * by Elizabeth Rogers • 30th June 2014

“I found a freebie Teapig in a Gardeners World magazine (Ginger and Lemon) I suffer from migraines quite a lot and find it really difficult to function at work.. These have worked miracles for me! They take the edge off so much so I can finally stomach a tablet. I have tried other flavours and have been equally impressed. Worth every penny! I recommend :)”

How Cute!

* * * * * by Sue Morphew • 12th January 2013

“Received my package today. Brill service. Got daily up dates on delivery. Just one problem.......they look too good and cute to open! Will relax with one tonight. Must try the Matcha Green Tea next.”

Pick n' Mix

* * * * * by Shery Baxter • 13th March 2014

“Bought my mum this for Christmas and she was over the moon with the selection I had chosen. She absolutely loves tea pigs now and enjoys telling me about the different flavours she has sampled, her favourite at the moment is Chilli Chai. I'm back for some more now for Mothers Day!”

Happy Birthday to Me!

* * * * * by Liz • 23rd November 2012

“Bought for me by a lovely friend afte enjoying the chocolate tea at a spa. Very nice flavours, some very unusual but as a non-coffee drinker nice to have some variety and some special brews!”

Best way to have them all!!

* * * * * by Gundula Swann • 7th February 2014

“The Pick 'n Mix is my very favourite Teapigs buying option! I am a great fan, I love the taste of quality and to be able to try out all the different flavours. What I find best with Pick 'n Mix is that I order it to be delivered directly to my workplace. I have the teapigs box on my desk and it is like being a child in a sweet shop every day, chosing my tea flavour depending on my mood or the time of day! It's so much easier than having lots of jars in the office or trying to fit everything into my desk drawer! My favourite flavours are the Rooibos ones, particularly the Winter Warmer, I hope this is available all year round, even in summer, especially if it's going to be a rainy one....”

Brilliant idea

* * * * * by NewtoonQuine • 29th October 2012

“I've ordered 5 boxes, each with a different combo as christmas gift for tea loving friends!”

perfect to get a taste of different teas!!

* * * * * by Angela Im • 16th January 2014

“this was my first order from teapigs for my birthday and it's great!! you can taste different teas! and figure out which ones are your favorites! what a great idea!! it comes so nicely packaged and i am such a HUGE FAN OF TEAPIGS NOW! granted, i was shocked at how expensive they were at first....but they are so worth it!!! i am a huge fan. although my hubby and i are still coffee drinkers during the day, i LOVE MY TEAPIGS IN THE EVENINGS! my favorite sweet tea is liquorice and peppermint which my 4.5yo daughter also adores! thank you, teapigs!!!”


* * * * * by nicola carroll • 28th June 2012

“What a good idea! I had so much fun choosing, was very impressed with the delivery and beautiful packaging and the joy continues every time I open the box and try a decide which tea to have. I now know what all my tea addicted family will be having for Christmas this year !”


* * * * * by Wendy Grosvenor • 5th January 2014

“Bought for me as a xmas present. Best present ever! Love the winter warmer, ginger and lemon is to die for, liquorice and mint just lovely. definitely be buying more. One way to give up coffee. xx”

Perfect for the Choosy!

* * * * * by Sadie Darling-Hewitt • 11th May 2012

“This makes a perfect introduction to your teas - and wonderful gifts to friends too!
I love it <3”

Great for a gift or treat for yourself

* * * * * by Hannah • 8th July 2018

“I love the concept of this mix and match box, it's a great way to try different teas and see which ones you want to buy more of. And you will want to buy more! I bought it for a treat for myself as I wanted to branch out into non-caffeinated teas but didn't know where to start. It was great fun choosing and I really looked forwards to it arriving and then each evening to deciding which one to try next. Simple pleasures are the best! Great quality product, arrived on promptly, environmentally aware packaging. I think this is incredible value for money and I'm not aware of anywhere that gives the same amount of choice and control over which teas you have in your selection.”

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